How can I get back into netball?

Please see the clubs tab on the page for clubs actively looking for new members.  There is also regular Back to Netball sessions held in the area throughout the year, contact the local Netball Developer officer for more information 

Can I use unaffiliated players the South Suffolk Netball League?

Yes, each team can use unaffiliated players in the SSNL.  To play unaffiliated means that you have not affiliated to England Netball for the current season so you will not be covered by insurance for any games or training your partake in.  To play unaffiliated for a team the team will need to contact the league secretary to clear the player to play and obtain the required attendance sheet, the rules are on our News and info tab (see rule 1d) .

Please contact the league secretary for further information

Who do I need to send the results to and when?

To the relevant divisional secretary AND email results@southsuffolknetball.co.uk with 24hrs of your match start time.  If the match is forfeited or cancelled then the email must still be sent within 24hrs of the start time of your game, a penalty point will be applied if this is not done.  The result sheet signed by captains, umpires and where applicable the scorers needs to be sent to the divisional secretary within 7 days of the match. This is sent electronically via email.  Please see your result sheet for further information.

How do new teams enter the South Suffolk Netball league?

All teams are required to attend the SSNL AGM to register a team for playing in the following season.  The details of the AGM will be announced on the website home page in the months leading up to the AGM. Please contact the honorary secretary prior to the AGM to obtain the relevant paperwork.  Each team pays an entrance fee of £20 per team. Each team has to arrange their own umpires, as per rule 2e all teams have to have an appropriate level umpire registered with their team. Teams also have to arrange their own venue and match night unless they wish to use the league venue at Northgate on a Monday evening more information can be provided on this if that’s the case.

All new teams start in the lowest applicable division unless they can provide evidence that they should enter at a higher division and this is only at the discretion of committee.

Each team is responsible for registering their own team with England Netball please see their membership page for more information  or contact the local Netball Developer Officer for assistance.  

How can we find umpires to cover our matches?

Each team should have a relevantly qualified umpire in order to enter the South Suffolk Netball League.  Our umpire coordinator has a list of all umpires that may be able to assist with covering some matches.  Please contact them for further assistance. There are regular umpire course held in the region to obtain qualifications, details of these courses can be found on the noticeboard tab on this website.

We have a new player that wants to join our team/ club who do we notify and what do we do?

All players (unless playing unaffiliated) must be affiliated to England Netball (EN) to play in the South Suffolk Netball League. To be affiliated means that payment has been made and cleared to EN.  A copy of the confirmation of affiliation from EN must be sent to the Honorary Secretary and the appropriate divisional secretary.  This confirmation must be sent within 7 days of the fixture that the player played in.  If this is not done a penalty point will be deducted. See rule 1c

All new players names have to added to the team registration sheets and the updated sheets shall be sent to the appropriate divisional secretary when you are an independent team, when a new player joins a club with various teams in different divisions the new team sheets must be sent to all divisional secretaries so that they can check for ‘play ups’.  Failure to do so will result in penalty point being deducted please see rule 2f for further details.

We can’t play our game on the night it is fixtured for, what can we do?

You can amend the date, time or venue for your fixture up to 10 days before the applicable section but must ensure you receive a response from the opposition. Any changes of fixtures MUST be sent to the applicable divisional secretary and email results@southsuffolknetball.co.uk.  The subject of the email should read Division n - Home Team name v Away Team name and in the body of the email the details of the change.  Failure to notify the divisional secretary AND the results email will result in a point deduction.

How do I cancel a court at the league venue Northgate?

All bookings and cancellations are done through the fixtures co-ordinator only.  Any home team using Northgate must notify the fixtures coordinator if they need to cancel a court prior to the game.  Failure to do so will result in the home team still being charged for the court.  


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