SSNL Guide for scoring

South Suffolk Netball League (SSNL)

Guide for scoring

Applicable to division 1 and 2 for the 2018/19 season, please see below guidelines.

  •  Each team to provide a scorer each
  • Minimum age 14 but does not have to be affiliated to England Netball
  • Score cards to be supplied by the umpire.
  • The scorers are to stand together at the side of the court away from spectators.
  • Scorers cannot participate in the game whilst scoring (i.e. Coaching/encouraging the team)
  • The scorer can change throughout the match but only at a break in the game ie after a centre pass (provided she/he has a replacement standing by immediately) or at an interval break and the replacement must be briefed on what the umpires require.  
  • After each goal the score is recorded by BOTH scorers and a check is taken by BOTH to ensure that scores match.
  • The scorers need to decide between them who will announce the score at approx. every 4th goal, with the agreement of the umpires. This needs to be announced loud enough for teams on court to hear.
  • Scorers should mark the score card with numbers and not tally charts.
  • At the end of each quarter it is the responsibility of the scorers to confirm the score with the umpires and then prepare the score card for the next quarter.
  • Scores don’t match: Alert the umpire immediately, do not wait for a couple more goals to be scored. It is vital that you agree with each other either by checking or listening to each other when the score is read out. Usually the mistake is the scorer has put the goal on the wrong side – rectify immediately and if you can’t agree or notice that the score is wrong speak to the umpire.
  • Scorers can re-join the teams at quarter times after they have confirmed the scores with the umpires and prepared for the next quarter scoring.
  • If a team fails to provide a scorer then they will be penalised 1 point as per rule 7(f). Scoring will then revert to the offending teams umpire to score. The one scorer provided will then have to stand on the same side as the umpire who is scoring so they can keep a check on the scores.


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