Unaffiliated Players Guide

SSNL Unaffiliated Players guide – as referenced in the SSNL Rule 1(d)

  • Only play one unaffiliated player per game.
  • Only 3games/ training sessions allowed per season per player.
  • Every team can only use a different unaffiliated player 5 times throughout the season. Once an unaffiliated player has played the limit times, they cannot play unaffiliated again for 3 years.  
  • Players details have to be received, checked and registered by the honorary secretary  ssnl.leaguesecretary@hotmail.com before they can play/train.
  • The details required are the full name (all previous names), date of birth and address of the proposed player.
  • The league secretary will respond with whether the player has been cleared or not to play.
  • Make sure a response has been received from the league secretary before using the player otherwise penalties will arise.
  • Please advise your divisional secretary’s once the player has been cleared to play.
  • A copy of the unaffiliated players from (which the honorary secretary will email to you) must be sent to the league secretary within 7 days of the match/ training session.
  • Penalty for not following Rule 1(d) the offending team will forfeit the game and have 3 points deducted.  Please see Rule 1(d) for further details on the penalty depending on game result. 

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